To Be Or Not To Be A ***** For My Man, When He Wants Me To.

I wanted to learn more about BDSM and started reading more on the topic, I wanted to know why a man and woman would want to be in this type of relationship, I was learning about the rules of the slave and what she had to do, I learned about the life style that was so different from the life style that I have is what BDSM people would call, "Vanilia", I read about this Role Play that the Master and Slave had, here it is to share:

Role Playing

This scene is very graphic and anyone with abuse or rape issues in their past might want to read with caution. It could be a trigger. Also a note this is a consensual scene even though it might look like it is not.

I once had a Dominant that I just bottomed to. He and I would get together for really good hard sessions. One time he sent me an email that read: "For our date two weeks from now I want you to go get/gather these things: cheap bright eyeshadow, black eyeliner, black mascara, lots of bangle bracelets, thigh highs one with a run, sleazy clothing from outer clothing to undergarments, high heels. Oh, and cheap bright *****-red lipstick...get two tubes of it."

Well, at this time I was just pretty new to the scene and very self-conscious of my body and did not like to show it off or anything. So basically I was starting from scratch with all that he wanted. I also tried to get out of wearing what he wanted and finally told him his idea of sleazy might be different than mine: a loophole. He wanted it done three days before we were to meet. I was to write him when I had it all, listing exactly what I got.

I started off with the make-up. The best places to get cheap make-up are either the Dollar Store or Big Lots. I went to Big Lots. I got bright lavender eye shadow with glitter in it, the black eye liner, black mascara, the bright *****-red lipstick - two tubes - and I also ended up getting the bangle bracelets there. All the make up was $1 a piece and the bangles were in packs of three for $1.

I next needed sleazy clothing. I had no idea where to get that. So I ended up going through my closet and pulling some things together that would be as close as I could get to the sleazy look - a short jean skirt, black cropped tank top that barely covered my breasts, and a black kind of see-through blouse over it all. I had thigh highs in my drawer that had a run in that I spread more. I added the black heels and I had it all. Deciding that panties and bra would ruin the look, I opted to not wear those.

I wrote him telling him I had got all that he requested, listing exactly what I had. He wrote back and said that the clothing was okay and would do.

He then told me where to meet him on the day we were supposed to get together. He told me to be wearing lots of make-up, overly done and bright, and to wear what he had approved. He instructed me to meet him at a park. I was to wait in a certain parking lot that not a lot of people drove into, but enough to make it a little uncomfortable for me because I was also instructed to wait outside my car.

As I got ready I kept looking in the mirror and feeling that he was getting me ready to be his *****. I felt, as I painted my face bright, humiliation (at that time) of the thought of being someone's *****. Although I was nervous, I was getting very turned on also.

I stood there waiting, thinking of how I looked, tugging on my skirt every once in awhile, moving to try to hide the run, crossing my arms so that no one notice I was bra-less. He pulled into the lot and rolled down his window motioning me over. I leaned in and he said, "How much?"

The game began...

"I want to see some of you before I buy you. Lift your top," his voice commanded. I knew that even though this was a game, it was by his rules. *smiles*

I looked around, knowing I would pay later for hesitating, and then lifted my top. He told me to take off my outer shirt. The cropped tank barely covered my ****. He pushed it up a little so that my breast hung out the bottom. He told me to turn around and lift my skirt to see if I had a fuckable ***. I did as he said, feeling my breast fall out more as I leaned over. He told me not to adjust that top and leave it as is. He knew what I was thinking. He reached and kneaded my *** and moaned, "yes, very fuckable."

He told me to turn around. My breasts were hanging out. I was growing very warm. I heard a car approaching as I stood there... shifting from foot to foot. He told me to put my outer top on but leave my tank top as is and to get in the car. I put the shirt on just as a car pulled in the lot. I felt the heat in my face move down my body. I looked down and walked to the other side of the car and got in. I wanted to run, but did not want to draw more attention to myself than I felt there already was.

He drove us to a small dive hotel. It was one that rents by the hour. He got us checked in and we went to the room. I stood there unmoving and silent.

"You are my *****. I will do anything I want to you and you will not fight or complain because that is what ****** are good at, right?". He reached out and stroked my cheek. I stood there looking at him - silent.

His hand moved quickly away and came back stinging across my cheek. "Answer the question when I ask."

I sputtered out, "Yes, Sir."

He said, "Say it."

I had never said those types of words before about myself. I stood there and felt the sting of his hand as he slapped me, my cheek feeling as though it was on fire.

I stood. "I am sorry, Sir."

He slapped me again. "Say it"


Slapped harder this made me take a step back. He grabbed me, pulled me close and looked into my eyes. He put one hand in my hair and tilted my head back and said, "Say it and release it to me."

Iside I felt the vibrations of what he meant all through the depths of my body. I closed my eyes a moment and opened them. I said clearly, "Yes, Sir."

He released me. He told me to *****, then said, "Maybe this will help. Get me a tube of that lipstick."

I ******** and then got him the lipstick. He wrote across my chest in the red lipstick "*****". He wrote over my sex "*****". He wrote on my *** "*****". He turned me around and around so I could see the words.

He looked at me and I knew I had to say it.

"I am your *****, Sir."

He smiled. I saw the sadistic man in him at the surface. He circled around me. He then grabbed me from behind and turned me so that I could see in the mirror. "Say it again," he whispered in my ear.

I looked in the mirror. I saw the make-up was smeared from where he had slapped me. I looked up and down and saw a *****. His *****.

"I am your *****, Sir." I looked away.

"Say it over and over until I tell you to stop, but do not look away"

I looked up at myself again. I felt the humiliation and I started to shake my head no, but I felt something else too. I felt how turned on I was and I remembered the feeling of saying it. I remembered the feeling of my body as I said it.

"I am your *****. I am your *****. I am your *****.." I repeated over and over and finally started becoming. "I am a *****. I am a *****. I am a *****." I do not know when it happened. He just smiled at me. He started playing with my breasts, grabbing them and squeezing them hard.

I kept on with my mantra. Finally he took me and pushed me to the bed so I was on my hands and knees and took me from behind rough and fast. Soon I was asking for more. I wanted it so much. I wanted to be ****** like a *****.

He slapped my ***. I would push back into him and he would groan and say, "Mmmmm yes, *****, you want it so bad." And I did.

We "******" all afternoon. ****** is the only word that describes it. It was raw and animalistic. It was hot and sweaty.

After it was all done, he grabbed me and said, "You are a good fuckable *****," and gave me two $100 bills (play money). He got up and took a shower.

I lay in bed looking at them and smiled. He called me into the shower. I got in and said, "What are we doing with my $200 dollars?"

He smiled, "Cute, darling." And I knew we were back to being two people.

So with cheap make-up and props from a local discount store, roleplaying can be made exciting and realistic.


This type of role playing is between two people that cared for each other and was planned. Not a true violent act of rape. I can say that I sometimes want to have planned date that my partner and I would have, and how exciting it would be to play out.
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Fabulous story! Very well written. I am aroused!

I am glad I turned up the heat for you.

Woooow, what a partner you got

It was a wonderful story to be shared.

Woow I liked your experience a lot. It also concerns respect for each other and excitement. Real good, a bit jealous too.

I like your being so open minded

God.....that is hot!

Thank you pag63, The beginning and ending is my thoughts, but the middle is from a BDSM relationship that I read about.

Very well written. I admire your honesty.

I am very honest, and I am learning different life styles, so I don't have a closed mind on everything. Just that somethings I will not do to another, or will have someone do to me, without an agreement and trust. Thank you MasterPunishHer. Mistress in training.