I Was Shown This Method Of How To Make Your Nipples Bigger.................

............by another cross dresser.

S/he has very large, and very sensitive nipples.    The were great for sucking on, and s/he would tell me that if another cross dressing playmate was sucking on he/r nipples, s/he would ''internally ******, while leaking loads and loads of pre-***''.

All it takes is some baby oil, 2 plastic bottles, ( you can find these in plastic ware shops), about 70 mm to 100 mm high, about 30 mm to 40 mm in diameter, and 2 ''O'' rings just slightly smaller than the top of the plastic bottles.

Smear baby oil over the top of the plastic bottles, and slip the ''O'' rings just over the top.    Smear baby oil round your nipple area.    Squeeze the plastic bottle, to expel as much air from it as possible.   Place the top of the bottle over your nipple while still squeezing the bottle.   The baby oil round your nipple and round the top of the bottle will provide a pretty much airtight seal.    Gently release your grip on the bottle, and you will find that the suction will keep the bottle in place.    After some time the nipple will be drawn into the bottle.    You can then slip the ''O'' ring off the bottle and over your nipple.    this will trap the swelled up nipple, and over a prolonged time of doing this, you will find that your nipples will become rather extended, and very sensitive
Do not leave the ''O'' ring on the nipple for lengthy periods, when first beginning the treatment, as I would imagine it would be very similar to what happens to Lambs tails after some time !!
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I would like bigger/longer nipples but I need something that I can make of every day objects because I'm tight on money and am too lazy to go and buy "O" shaped rigns

Can you show us in a video hot to do it?

i have been using plastic tubing with corks in one end. I warn the tubing up with the hair dryer and than I fold then I fold them up so all the air is out and than with coconut oil on the nipples, I Hold the open end on the nipple and apply the tube.After both nipples are enclosed in the tubes, the nipples are pulled in and are held there. I can walk around and do chores or read the paper and when I take the tubes off, they are standing up. Over time they do get bigger and longer, and than I get a little larger tubes.But if only longer is desired, just keep using the same size tubes and they will keep growing longer. My wife loves to do this for me and she loves to pull and twist the tuber, as if they are handles. It is so easy to keep a hold of them. She calls them her handles. Hope this helpd.

Rubber snake bite suction kits work.

I'm new to this and went to walmart to purchase the snake bite kit. Our store doesn't use the model everyone references but has an updated version that is like a syringe with different size cups. It works great but if you pull the plunger all the way out it will hurt. Now my nipples are more sensitive and get hard way more often even when I haven't used it. I wish I had found out about this years ago!

Very thick, bigger than many women!

Yes they are thicker and more sensitive


I use the rubber covers for cake decoration bags and and put a little chapstick/lip balm/saliva on and squeeze the air out. Like them better than the snake bites.


Where do you get the o rings

I would recommend Lowes or Home Depot. They have every size you can imagine.

i've used a similar method with a bought sucker with a bulb on the end which came with o rings of different sizes. it is totally awesome. my nipples are bigger and incredibly sensitive now.

I tried it with small glass bottles first. Each of them had an opening about as big around as my nipple. None of them seemed to work. Not even after applying baby lotion.
I managed to track down an old snake bite kit though. That doubled the size of my nipples from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. I even got a small amount of liquid out. Although it looked more like puss than milk.

best way is to use snakebit kit from walmart. use the large suction cups in the kit on ur nipples but go slow at first - easy to get water blisters because of the amt of suction. cost $4 and work great!!!

Can you show me???

I use 10ml plastic syringes. I cut off the needle end and flip them so my nipple fits in the smooth end. I fill it with a little water then place them over my nipple, this way I get great suction and it is working well. I leave them on for about half and hour or longer pulling the plunger every now and then to increase the suction and it feels wonderful. When I take them off, my nipple remains sensitive and about 3/4" long for a few hours. I do not put on a bra so they rub against my clothing and remain hard and proudly on display.

How often do you do it? And during that time span, how many times do you increase the suction? It would be awesome if you can answer. Please and thank you!

Wow can you show me

---------- my wife had nipples so sensitive that they couldn't stand to be touched. she tried nipple rings (elastic squeezers ) and nipple fun wear (search on it ... ) . it took many days of gradually working up to some time and some length, but now she's lost the sharp pain - even though nipple fun claims to sensitize nipples . . .

She should try Nipplebands. Nipplebands.com
They have different sizes for your wife to try.

Hi i tred the purple ball and o-rings, but my nipples were too big and the o-rings kept falling off. I found these bands which work GREAT! they're called Nipplebands and you can find them at Nipplebands.com they work great as replacements for the purple bulb thing too!

The orthodonic ones are too thin and hurt. Maybe they are too small for me. The Nipplebands are wider. They stay on, and come in different sizes to fit well.

i used a water bottle and oil like vegi oil or water works rub the oil or water around the nipple and the put the bottle on the nipple squeeze the bottle as hard as you can leave it on the for about 5 - 8 mins then do the next one same thing do this for about a week and your nipples will be at least 2 -4 times bigger <3

Daddy bought, to use on his little girl, a lovely toy with a purple bulb on one end, a thin, glass tube on the other. It's used to pull the nipple out and keep it that way so that the lovely black rubber o-rings can capture each in their tight hold until Daddy lets them out. There's been pictures taken of the effect. He likes it so much, he's going to get a second toy so that both nipples can be encased in this way and held there at the same time.

A similar effect, I think, I experience each time the teats are pulled hard into the milking cups during a session. I'm not put to the machine for 50 minutes each time. The nipples stay extended for about a half our to 45 minutes after, and the teats are growing thicker, darker and larger, readying for the soon to come let down reflex and the daily milking of them with great results. Enjoyed your story.

Can the nipples b erect by sucking it hard you think for longer time.
How to use the milking suction in breasts..

I prefer fingers and mouth myself as it seems so much more personal

snakebite kits kind of work this way too. i tried the o-ring thing, but it hurt like hell and made my nipples numb. i didn't want to lose them! so yes, you're right, have to take them off before there is irreversible damage.