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How To Make Long Nipples

go to the liquor store, buy two "shooters" of your favorite whiskey (or rum or vodka etc), they are plastic bottles now instead of glass. Go home, drink them (NEVER waste good liquor!) and fill them up with warm water and while leaning over the sink squeeze as much water out of the bottle as possible and while squeezing put the bottle over your nipple into the opening while pressing the bottle firmly against your nipple and then release. Try to keep the bottle vertical to prevent air inside the bottle. When you release the bottle your nipple will be sucked into the neck of the bottle. CAUTION- dont over do it at first, slowly allow your nipple to get used to the stretching. I have worked up to leaving mine on for upwards of a half hour and when i take the bottles off i have measured my nipples to 3/4 of an inch erect. Of course, the nipples will shrink back down after the blood flows back out but over the next couple months your nipples will remain erect 24/7. Check with a doctor before attempting this to make sure no damage will occur. too late for me, mine never go below 3/8 of an inch. Fine by me, my nipples have become so sensitive that i squeeze and roll them between my fingers dozens of times a day!!
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I have purchased son nipple twister vacuum suckers they work good too, but do the whole nipple. what you are talking about is just the tip of the nipple that I am also interested in doing. thanks for the tip, I will be doing both along with my milking machine

never thought of that, i'll give it a try & yes men can have sensitive nipples too

Add me please.

How can u make ur nipples darker

Kathy, please add me so we can talk, you hearted my comment on pumping, so if you add me I can tell you how to make the machine I described that you liked! Thanks!

Just try out applyung a pea size of toothpaste....(i prefer lemon flavoured) this will make yur nipples very sensitive for a while. ..

Does this make you lactate?

Sounds hot!

i like to massage my nipples with cream and then pull and twist and rub it between my fingers. They dont even get erect that easily. What should i do to make them supper sensitive and bigger!

can you substitute the liquor bottles with regular 20 oz soda bottles?

u can rub ice over ur nipples round n round
Or else put 2 ice cubes in ur bra n d ice should b kept on nipples 4 sumtym. Dis works. I had done it :)

me too! I use nipple suction cups from nipple Very effective and additive! I get compliments about my amazing erect nipple all the time!

---------- my wife had nipples so sensitive that they couldn't stand to be touched. she tried nipple rings (elastic squeezers ) and nipple fun wear (search on it ... ) . it took many days of gradually working up to some time and some length, but now she's lost the sharp pain - even though nipple fun claims to sensitize nipples . . .

How long did the lengthening process take

This is great! I have made simular devices to make my penis longer and wider. Reciently I made a great suction devise out of a car AC compressor that I can fit over my **** and it gives it the best suction you can imagine!! At first my **** could not take much of it, but over time it has gotten used to it and I can really crank it up now! Wow does it do a trick on it!! Hey please add me if you will! Love your stories!

can u add me pweease

Play and squeeze your nipples, as often as you can, anywhere, they will eventually even start milking always and remain at high sensitivity!! A woman can milk even if not pregnant!!

How long before they start milking and get 1/2 an inch

Get Nipplebands!

How long b4 they get over 1/2 inch

think i'll tell my g/f about it :) lol

I love that idea! The bigger my nipples get, the wetter I get.


Will this also work on my penis?

Have you tryed putting the vaccum hose over your nipples? I sometimes use it over my **** and I think if helps. Fun anyway. Habrdonenow@

I like the idea of emptying the bottles before the nipple stretching!
However I suggest that you find a nipple lover,or mad nipple licking,sucking,tweaking! I am prepared to be called on 24/7 at any moment,I'll come over as fast as an ambulance,no time of day would be a problem....and I'll lick,suck,bite,squeeze,pinch your nipples until the desired effect was done,then you can throw me out like the empty bottles at anytime of day or night.I won't cause a fuss,or insist that you suck mine in well?.....maybe I might say yes to that proposal,anyway,I'll be a good nipple of charge!

Okay I'm a little far to start right away,but at least virtually you know you can count on me!
Lastly; I am totally in love with girls or women that have big nipples,they get me to attention in one glance!

A fan!

Do you visit Sweden ;)

I've been to many countries in Europe but never been to for some strange reason I think it'll be on the agenda!
Send me a message so that I can aim in the right direction!

Frokenbus74!'re a mystery! stories,no confessions,nor pictures,no way to contact you,or anything....if you want me to arrive with my sirens blazing and flashing lights,I'll have to have more...!
But I must admit that years ago I was a student on the Isle of Wight whee I met several very nice Swedish students........wonder if you were one of them?

Hey I have super tiny nipples and I was wondering if u would wanna help me make them longer I just need ur email and asl and then I'm good to go

Even tiny ones need the same attention as big ones,as the nerve endings all end up in the same place....your brain!!!
Nip over to your message box and I'll send you whatever you need!
But do tend to make nipples feel like you might get jealous!

Lovesomepain; I really would like to oblige your desires,but I have to lick and suck Lesbobella first....wait,maybe both at once!

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You can buy hose that is transparent and you are doing the sucking so you can control the amount of vacuum infinitesimally. It is available in a wide selection of sizes...

Friends? pics also?

would love to roll those nipples between my thumb and finger for you and suck them when they got stiff

I went to the hardware store and bought a 1 1/2" diameter hose two foot long. My **** just fits in it when erect. Now I can suck my own self. It is not as good as a mouth but a lot better than nothing....

I wonder if it would work on my"needle ****".


i wanna see ur letter oh how i would bite,chew,nibble an suck on them unill ***** juice runs down ur leg

nice i will try it

A simple breast pump would probbably be safer and easyer to control the vacuum.

My wife used one while nursing, it sucks your nipple into a plastic cup, the vacuum is up to you.

will this work on a sissy's nipples, Ma'am?

it really works?

Mmmmm, and do we get milk from them?

id like my nipples longer aswell. i have 38d's. I love to go out without a bra and let my nipples poke out the more noticeable the better.

sounds awesome!!!

I hope along with those protruding nipples that you pull those panties and pants up into your ***** crack so that your cameltoe shows too...

I could he I'm so good at nipples biting and sucking

Hi my fiance loves to have her nipples played with to. We found this web site called They have different size bands that you can also use with those purple bulb squeeze toys as replacement bands. She has large nipples that she loves to have pumped and banded and pretty much anything that's not too painfull! She's a d cup and i can put both my hands around one boob and squeeze and they didn't pop or roll off !

Mine are already big but I'd like to see if I can make them bigger.

i am the original poster of this artical. let me know if i can answer any questions

No you arent!

Yes, I find that wearing tight o-rings on my nipples makes them eternally hard, even after you take the bands off. Turns me on so much.

Thank you I have tryed it and Yes if they are done right they will stay out and not retract which is fine with us while I am depthroating **** the guys love to twist my male nipples and talk dirty to me I swear something **** out of them clear liquid. Amazing results.

ive found that using nipple bands has helped keep mine hard and SOOO sensitive! OMG

what do you do with the nipple bands?

Yes, such hard attentions will make them so much more sensitive, I agree. Daddy likes them to stay this way. Great story and information to use too:)

My wife used to have a inverted nipple on one side. Using some good nipple cylinders we eliminated the inny and grew them both to 1/4 inch long soft and just over an inch erect. That was 5 years ago, and they have only shrank back to 3/4 erect. <br />
<br />
My wife liked getting her **** pumped also. It drove her crazy enough though that we never got any permanent enlargement out of it, but one time it was 2 inches long I swear!!!

Seeing 2 inch nips would make me so damn wet!!!!!♥

hmmmm...thanks for the info....i would really love to have long nipples since i'm a 38DDD....i will try it this evening... thanks again....xoxoxo

hmmmm...thanks for the info....i would really love to have long nipples since i'm a 38DDD....i will try it this evening... thanks again....xoxoxo

I do think that is a great idea! I am 38DD but nipples sensitive erect but just never seemed pretty big compared with my overall huge ****. I want to make my husband crazy for me! Not that I can't yet better...different! Gee... I want to improve on these God given assets! Saranurse31

I do think that is a great idea! I am 38DD but nipples sensitive erect but just never seemed pretty big compared with my overall huge ****. I want to make my husband crazy for me! Not that I can't yet better...different! Gee... I want to improve on these God given assets! Saranurse31

I do think that is a great idea! I am 38DD but nipples sensitive erect but just never seemed pretty big compared with my overall huge ****. I want to make my husband crazy for me! Not that I can't yet better...different! Gee... I want to improve on these God given assets! Saranurse31

Next step is to buy some more serious material for pumping, like the vacuum pump and the cylinders we're using me and my wife on our nipples and her ****.

length comes a bonus to kick. good idea of using empty bottle to elongate the nipple.

Syringes work wonders too. Depending on how large, long, and wide you want your nipples to be will be dependent on what size syringe you use. I have been using syringes for awhile and my nipples now remain erect 24/7. Sometimes, I either use a 12cc, or 5cc syringe. The steps to follow are:<br />
Cut the tops of the syringe off<br />
Take the plunger out, and push it in the side you just cut off<br />
Place the smooth flat bottom part of the syringe over your nipple. You will have to adjust the plunger before starting to pull.<br />
Once you are ready, start to pull on the plunger gently. You can pull harder as your breast and nipple get used to the pressure. I can pull mine up about 4cc from the bottom, sometimes more.<br />
It helps to lubricate your nipple, and or the inside of the syringe.<br />
You can put water in the syringe, which will create more pressure.<br />
The longer you pull on the syringe the harder it is on the nipple. So try not to overdue it at first, and try not to leave it on over 20 minutes at a time, but then tis is your personal choice.<br />
However long it may take, you will eventually see results, and be happy.<br />
Please remember though, to treat your body with respect when performing this. <br />
Good Luck!

this is great story and information. tk. want to try it and so want my nipple to be longer a bit.