Making Wifes Nipples Longer

This is a story about my wife’s nipples and how I made the longer. I had ordered what was called the Nipple Erector Set had everything you need to suck on her nipples. So the other night I ask her if she would like to have some fun. She ask me what I was talking about I told her that I purchased a Nipple Erector Set which would make her nipples longer. Just to let you know she has 32a breasts with small eraser nipples which are always hard. Her dark brown nipples are about ½ long setting on nickel size areolas. She said ok and I began, I chose the pump with the smaller opening and place it over nipple. Then squeezing the pump to stretch her nipple to the desired perky state I then slide the medium rubber O-ring around the nipple to keep it erect and repeat the process on the other nipple. Her ½ inch nipples were now ¾ inches long and erect. This made my **** hard seeing them that way. I told her that I wanted to show her off to which she said what do you mean. I told her lets go to the mall. I told her remember when I ask you if I could pull your dark brown nipples through the holes in her sweater and walk around the mall. Well do you want to go back to the mall and walk around and see if anyone would notice them poking out now? She said ok and went and put on her white sweater but this time when she pulled her nipples through the sweater hole instead of only showing about ¼ inch the shows more like ½ an inch which make the easer to see. On the drive to the mall I could not help playing with them making sure they would stay erect. They did look like erasers from a pencil sticking through her sweater. When we got to the mall and walked in I told her that I would not be walking with her but wanted to watch from a distance to see the reactions of the other men getting a look at her nipples. To which she said you are a pervert aren’t you. From a distance they looked like two brown dots but up close you could tell that they were her nipples. As she walked the mall several men did look at her nipples and the smile on their face showed it all. I ask her to go into a skate board shop which was filled with young teenagers. Knowing that most young men would like to see someone’s nipples. I walked into the store also and notice them looking at her nipples and pointing to each other. I walked by one of the teens who had his phone out acting like he was talking on it but I noticed that he was taking a video of my wife since she was looking at skate boards she did not notice him and I was not going to stop him. After a few minutes she walked out and I followed and walked next to her. I told her how sexy she looked and ask her to sit with me on the bench. As we sat on the bench I ask her if I could play with her nipples telling her this would be the first time I had ever touched her nipples in public. I then starter flicking them with my finger and they were still hard then we turned towards each other and I gently started pulling on them several people saw what we were doing but said nothing. After a few minutes we left the mall and drove home. That was the best night ever.
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That souns like so much fun!!!!

Wonderful you got to play at the mall!!