Once Upon A Time

At the age of 15, I was close to becoming an atheist. So, I took a look around and found Hinduism has an "initiation". The method is called square breathing: inhale for -say- 10 seconds, hold it for 10 seconds, exhale for 10 seconds and do not inhale for 10 secounds. Make the interval longer with practice. This leads to the mystics' goal -- becoming one with God. However, you get one request (to be worked into your life) and one question to be answered... CHOOSE WISELY. I would not call it becoming one with God, but being enveloped by God. As it turns out, this is actually the beginning of the death process, i.e. you can ask to see the Library (the wall that talks -- Buddha) and then the "Village".

I was quite angry at God. I asked for a form of suicide that would not only kill me here, but would kill me there too. I was refused. A few days later, I found myself attending a Doaist Monastery in my dreams. I later found out that everyone who was angry at God when they meet God, also get the Monastery lessons.

Stay tuned for my next exciting episode. Ding Dao
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Your story and path is deeper than I ever thought it was, Mr. Ding Dao...