Once Upon A Time Iii

During this time, I managed to learn the language of Dr. Dees. (this is not recommended) If you learn this language, other people will look like they are wooden. This language will make you into a Mystic. This definition of Mystic is as opposed Psychics. This mysticism has some interesting side effects, but has also been described as "living in hell".

And then came January and a new high school.

The only new kid in school... I was famous -- as the new target. Fame has never been my "friend". The biggest thing going on in this high school was mind manipulation. After a couple of months, one of the guys (let's call him George) told me that he was going to have me commit suicide while under manipulation... This set off all of my alarms...

Dreamtime (in study hall):
"Oriental or Occidental" -- Jaberwok
"What's the difference?" -- me
"Occidental will eventually make you like he is, obsessing on using manipulation until you have tried to put somebody in the hospital"
"You need to take an oath: You will act against someone who just want to kill you.
"I'm not going to take that oath.
"Then we are left with occidental.
"I'll take the oath...

First lesson was: The world would be better off without you [= Suicide]
Second lesson was: [manipulation just by talking] -- I don't remember the name of it
Third lesson was: This is my world [a snap of the fingers]

"Remember, the world would be better off without you is the weakest and this is my world is the strongest.
"Also remember, the measure of your control is to make someone have a heart attack in 5 days

Back to real time:
With the help of some of George's enemies, I ran a identity game on him and he ended up in the hospital and was using his middle name as his identity.
Another guy (let's call him Sam) came to me and threatened to beat me up at sometime in the future. I had Sam tell his parents that he was going to commit suicide. He also ended up in the hospital.
The principle (let's call him Jerry and his high school age son let's call him Pete) called me into his office to suspend me for 3 days... Every time he started to speak, I gave him more details of a scenario until he gave up. The scenario: He would manipulate his wife into having sex with Pete while his family watched.
The football team trapped me in the locker room with the intention of beating me up. It seems George and Sam were the quarterback and the "star" defensive back. I walked away when they started fighting each other about who would throw the first punch.
Back in study hall, another kid (let's call him Randy) tried to manipulate from behind. I called him over to my desk, but to stay out of my sight.
"What were you intending to do?
"I am going to make you commit suicide under manipulation. If that didn't work, I am going to kill you while you are under manipulation.
"I don't want to see you. I don't want to know who you are. You will commit suicide at home tonight.
I understand that all of the women who saw that sought counseling. The event made national news. The official version is that Randy was going to commit suicide anyway and wanted to take me down at the same time.

The final kid who tried to manipulate me (let's call him Larry) ended up not remembering anything about that year.

So much for high school. Ding Dao

DingDao DingDao
51-55, M
Aug 14, 2010