Men And Lingerie

I love wearing lingerie and I love other men who wear lingerie.  I love all kinds of fetish gear and can get off on many different things, but lingerie on either very masculine or effeminate men gets me rock hard.  Shopping for lingerie and going home to put it on, my **** hard and dripping in a pair of silky sheer lace panties.  Nylon stockings, garterbelts with a big heavy **** and balls swinging between our legs.  Or men who like to take their dicks and tuck them back and look like they don't have a ****.  So many wonderful fetishes to share to guys who feel the same. 

Also, do you love skintight jeans and t-shirts, all kinds of boots and other footgear?  Flip flops get me wet either when I wear them or hot guys wear them.  I never run out of visual and verbal fetish material. 
pervfrk pervfrk
56-60, M
3 Responses Jun 22, 2010

nice. show me your panties

Found the right place for what you want and like. Wearing lingerie just makes my day.

I certainly love and live to wear any and all lingerie or other womens clothes