I Am Looking To Make New Friends...

I am 25 and need to make some friends. I live with my bf and moved away to live with him, I dont regret it its the best thing for me. But Ive had to start fresh and its really hard to make friends. I seem to get a rapport going for a few weeks, then its like they change their mind or get bored or something. I cant understand what I have done. I think I have alot of good qualities that other people would love to find in another person, im kind, caring, humourous, good listener, like to try new things etc, but I cant seem to keep friends around me. Either they move away or get into a relationship and push me away. I met a girl at work and the last time she has spoken to me was last Christmas. I dont work there now, I am self employed which is even harder to make friends.
I feel so lonely alot of the time, and pretty unhappy that everywhere I look people have friends and good people around them and I dont.
I live in the UK, so I guess we are not as open or forward at making friends, say as people in the US. I wish we were more like that. I live in Lancashire, UK, and looking to meet girls ideally between 23-30. If theres anyone out there whose in the same situation as me who just wants to add another person to their existing group of friends, please drop me a line!
msjaffacake msjaffacake
26-30, F
Jul 18, 2010