I Wants Some More Friends Here :(

Who will be my friend? I've been here for about a month or something, and I've found this is a very sexual place. I like sex, a lot, but I'm a one-man kinda woman. And I found my man half a year ago =) So, I'm open to talking about sex, as far as exchanging stories and advice, but not like to get each other off really. I just love finding new people, talking about anything and everything, different cultures, beliefs or opinions. I'm the most open person you'll ever meet, and pretty open minded and like talking to people who are also. So who here does that pertain to?
Andraste Andraste
22-25, F
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Hi Andraste! Like you I am also new to EP. My name is Chootraani, a very close friend of mine, who also writes on EP, suggested my name with slightest change. I like it as it reflects my utmost desire for sex.
I have been reading stories for quite sometime and found them thrilling, sexual. erotic, as well as informative that so many bold people share their experience. So I am not alone who loves nudity and lot of sex. My problem is that I am very shy. It seems strange strange that nudity/sex have no linkage with shyness, but I am shy to make new friends. I want to share experiences with South Asian women in particular because they do not find outlet. I am confident that there must be many such women who read EP regularly, but do not share their experiences and thoughts. If they like share with me privately on chootraani at yahoodotcom.

I'll be your friend honey!

I'll be your friend! (:

You sound like an awesome person! I would definitely be your friend!

I think that's so good how open you are the last of an dieing breed. I commend you on your decision to take flight and live life.

I'll be your friend! :)

i could be your friend

I in it :)

That is exactly what I'm looking for! I'm happily married, but I feel isolated and I want to connect with creative like minded people. I live in a rural community and I miss the artistic part of the city... Be my friend?

Hey! I am from Utah and would love to be your friend. I love getting to know new people and I am new to this site, so let's be friends!

new to ep good listener dial me up

me too ..lets chat?

I'm female and married and NOT interested in meeting anyone to talk dirty to. I can talk about any subject and I certainly like to argue and joke around. I am very opinionated but respectful and I love to laugh. Look forward to chatting with you!

Hi there. You can add me if you like. You look like a really sweet girl. Look forward to knowing you better if that appeals. Cheers.

you know I'm your friend :)

i like the way u think, so why not message me?

i know a bit about history, music, books, art, cultuar, tv, movies, and other things. yeah i have sexual things on my page but only to discuss experiences and what you know about it. i also like tattoos and can help you if you need it with that.

Yay! I would like someone to talk to.