Response To New Beginning - Dan

Hi Dan,
Good for you! that you have moved on.   I too use to hang out with the wrong crowd and blame my surroundings for my mistakes.  But since i changed my life and mature.  when i look back, I have noone to blame but myself.  I have made alot of foolish choses, I was lost and involve with the worldly life style.  But now that I have joy in my heart, I understand what other see, my deal was "get in where you fit in".  but i didnt want the bad with the good.  My oldest sister use to tell me "if you give crap, then take the crap".    We live in learn.   Your old friends see me now and happy for me, that I change my life.  my new deal now is "Nobody can demand someone to change, this happens by being inspired.  so if your surroundings are negative the that rubs off on you, if you are surrounded by goodness, then that rubs off on you.  So be an inspirations to other, even your old friends.  Sometimes we get stuck and dont know where to start or feel like "this is it".   Your experience can change someone else.      Live, Love, and Laugh 
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41-45, F
May 6, 2012