Lonely - Is A Feeling, Not A Word

i am 25yrs old, Always felt lonely even with group of friends chatting ,laughing,mocking,sharing each other.Always had a feeling that i miss something or something is missing me,i can't figure that out still.Even if i had a good mood something keeps saying you are still alone .something keeps me pushing me down always.
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There's definitely a difference between feeling lonely and being alone. I know how you feel, and I can't even explain how difficult it is to put on that smile in a group of people I call friends, and then feel just empty. I don't know about your religious beliefs, but I can say that when I was involved in church, and had friends there, I truly felt like our friendships were deep, true, honest friendships. <br />
Honestly is something that I think acts like glue between two people...it creates a bond that isn't easily broken. Maybe finding someone you trust could be the answer. Maybe pray for God to bring you someone that can cure that loneliness. Hope you find what you're looking for.

really a nice one...

If you feel lonely even with friends... maybe those are not friends at all, maybe they're just people you get along with, that's all.<br />
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I'm feeling the same way now, I've been feeling sad for a long time. But I've started thinking in a more positive way, and started to really do something to try to change this situation. In my case, my biggest problem is that I feel I don't have real friends, but I've realized it's partly my fault: I've never made an effort to get interested in other people's lives, so nobody's got interested in mine. So some days ago I started thinking of all the people I know and who I like and would like to become friends with, and I contacted them. This may sound dead easy but giving this step has been hard for me. I called them or sent them messages, asking how they are, what they've been up to lately, if they want to hang out some time. Some of them have still not answered, some have and in a very nice way. So I made an effort and it paid off.<br />
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In your case, maybe you can try thinking what you expect in a friend so that you won't feel lonely when you're with them. Your present friends, do they really know you? Do they understand you? Do they share your interests? Whatever's missing, you can try giving it to others first, and with some time you'll see someone giving it back to you in return.

Feel the same way.. as far as i know i miss a friend.. i have everything else..

pls some one help me to get rid of this one....i want live the life,