Hope Lost

I hope that my moment will come one day. But it doesn't.
We used to laugh, cry together and spend hours together. And now I see you smiling with others. I can't understand where you drifted off to. I walk in your shadow watching you in the sunlight, you're so happy without me. You were a friend I wanted to hold onto. I guess I wasn't for you. People change, and I just wish that we didn't.
I try to speak to someone, maybe they can help me, but there is no cure. I'm not sure they care, or even understand how I feel.
How do I speak to you? I can't. I can't build the courage, tongue-tied, stuttering, holding back the words I want to say. But you don't notice, I don't mean anything to you anymore. Not even a 'hi' or a 'bye' do I hear from you. I miss running up to you in the mornings with the biggest smile on my face. It didn't matter, did it?
I'm sorry I wasn't what you were looking for.
suaave suaave
Sep 19, 2012