I Want New Friends

I'm a 21 yo female with a good job, boyfriend, and family. But I want to expand my circle. I've always been interested in having friends that have the same love of history as I do. My friends are the type of regular college kids that want to drink and party. The gossip and drinking is fun, but there's more to life than just that. My hobbies are different than theirs, but only a few actually know. I love writing and history, there's nothing better to me than watching a great history show and drinking some red wine. Other than my boyfriend, no one really understands how intrigued I am by our past and experiences.
Anyway, besides my ramblings, I would just like to talk with people who take an interest in history or art or writing. Hopefully, I can meet some new friends to talk to :)
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

oh my gersh well I can't really relate to bcuz im not in college......YET
but why don't you join a writing or history club so you can meet new people who have the same passion for art and history
you're right there is more to life than parties and clubs alot more
when you think about this life and the lives of many more it's SO DANG SHORT
this is COLLEGE it's what most people think about
trust me when you ge older you can make some really great friend
a wise person told me to stop trying to make friends and be a friend

Thanks for your comment! I would try the history club, but the whole reason I tried online is because people are more themselves online than in person, and I want to actually know them rather than someone just agreeing for the sake of being accepted. And I agree with you about being a friend and not trying, it goes a long way.