Been threw so much don't know where to being. I'm a father of two boys and a husband trying to reconnect with my wife and I don't have any friends my wife is my beat friend but how can I hitch to her about her lol. Been together for seventeen years so there are no friends that are just mine. Lol I went to drive truck for the last ten months out of town because the money was so good to get us out of debt to only get back and blindsided that she needed to reconnect with me and us and start again so now I'm so lost and trying to make this work but I hurt so much that I have to wonder if she kept quite about the problems in our marriage for years what more is there she says. She loves me I know I love her and stupid me thought that's all you needed just want to vent and bs and stop think about my marriage for a little while
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1 Response Dec 11, 2012

She sounds like she's angry with you for being gone so long. So sad. You were being a real man and working your tail end off to do what needed to be done to get yourselves out of debt. That's how a real man shows love and affection for his wife and family: by doing what needs to be done on behalf of his family. She needs to understand this.