This Is Me......

Hey all.  I got on to this site to make some friends that I can talk too.  I have already gotten a few and I am grateful that they have welcomed me in.

So if you want to know about me, the best thing I can say is read my stories, look at my experiences, if we share some things in common then write your story.  I'm wanting to read it.

The best advice I can say is to be true to you.  Treat others with respect, and you can find ones that will return the favor.


And use spell check--LOL


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8 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Hello SuperMother...

So glad that we are Kitten... Even more so with the friendship that we share..... ((HUGS))

Yes T it is fun to be stalked.<br />
<br />
SS you are a great person too you know.

Yes...MT...we are so happy to have you...Do you like being stalked?? he he

Glad to be there T.

It's really to get hooked...and the friends you will make will be amazing...Glad you found us and I am happy that you are in my circle...Hugs T...

Was googleing for something or other and it happen to be in the results that came up so I clicked on it and started reading and got hooked.

hiya, im here to make friends too. its weird how i just stumbled across this website. how did you find it?