No Friends, Getting Lonely

Well, I'm 26 I have been married for almost 4 years and, I have 2 wonderful children. But, I have pretty much no friends. I use to have a lot of friends, until I got married. None of my friends have kids. So, they all still party and, I don't. My kids are my number 1 priority and, I guess they don't like that. I still talk to a couple of my highschool friends on myspace but, that's about it. So, if anyone would like to chat, or whatever then just let me know! I'm a great listener and, I have been through a lot so I can help pretty much anyone out if you need someone's advice or, just a friend to talk to. Well, thanks for listening actually, reading. LoL.

GurLfromVA GurLfromVA
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5 Responses Feb 23, 2009

I can relate with your comment that your friends want to party...just got married and feeling more alone than about it, friends?? Let me know :)

hi well we both know friends wont come and go they will stay no matter what but i can talk just about any time thanks fore the card chocjoe

hi how you doing i hope good later chocjoe2

How about double-dating with your friends? Or just inviting them over for a home-cooked meal? You shouldn't lose your friends just because you got married and had kids before them. Online friends are great, but you should make an extra effort to circle back to some of your friends/make new ones in the real world. There's no substitute for being face-to-face with a friend or on the phone with them for hours.

ahh dont worry about it friends come and go.<br />
if you need an ep friend to talk to then hit me up. i got too many stories to tell