Hi I'm Carrie, I'm 34 from Aberdeen Scotland UK.
Just thought I'd say hi :-)
carrieAberdeen carrieAberdeen
36-40, F
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Hi im from york, england


Hi there how ate you?


I'm well. Dreading work tomorrow (BH blues) but other than that I'm ok. How are you?

BH blues???? Sorry not sure what that means :-)
I'm good thanks, where are you from?

Bank holiday blues. Meaning it's been a long weekend and I don't wanna go to work. Lol
I'm from England. So historically your mortal enemy. Well my parents are from the Caribbean so I'm not really your enemy! Haha

Lol I love the English so your safe. Most companies up her didn't acknowledge the bank holiday, bar the banks lol. Schools etc were all still usual.

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Hello! 👋

Hi there how are you?

Hi how are you

Good thanks and you?

Not to bad. I believe I sent you a friends request

Is that the circle thing? The whole your in my circle

Yes mam

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Hi there how are you?

All well .. wbu?

Doing ok, where about are you from? Age?