I want to make new friends but for some reason I can't. I am a 21 year old college student and I don't have any friends to talk to in college. Its sometimes makes me feel embarrassed and lonely. For the past few years I have suffered being an introvert with a lot of social anxiety. But recently I have become more of an extrovert since my Doctor has prescribed me good anxiety medication to reduce my attacks. I feel more comfortable in my skin now than I ever did in my life. And now taking my fall semester courses I thought this would be a fresh start to meet new people, however, I still can't make any friends for some reason.

The first day was great. I met a nice girl on my way out of my first class. She asked if she could follow me to my next second class since it was her first day and didn't know the building all that well. And to make it even better we had the same classes together which made me feel not so alone because I am still knew and a freshman too. I asked her what her name was and she introduced herself as, "Brooke." I was polite and told her it was nice to meet her and introduced myself. We sat together in our next class and we talked a lot and got know one another. Nothing awkward or weird about it at all. The next day she sits next me again in class and I don't mind at all. But unfortunately she decides to get up and sit at another table with a group of girls she had just met from another class. Three weeks since she has continued to sit and talk with them and has totally ignored me. I was really crush by this, and was even embarrassed like a sad friendless loser sitting all by myself.

Surprisingly, two of my friends from our martial art studio was taking the same class as me. I of course made sure to say "Hi." but they ignored me and didn't even say hi back. I was taken back by this. Who I thought was my friends weren't anymore so I ended that. I just think its so rude to ignore someone whom you've met before as if you are practically strangers. It makes no sense to me why people do this. Its really sad.

After a few more attempts of trying to form some type of friendship with at least one of my classmates, I gave up. All my energy is wasted so I just accept I won't be making any friends this semester. Yesterday I went to sit at my usually seat and this other girl was sitting there. So I went over and sat down next to her but she picked up her stuff, got up, and I clearly heard her make a sound like a snicker or a sneer that she was displeased with me sitting next to her. Some people behind me laughed. I didn't look at them and just stared at my phone while pretending to avoid the world around me. I wanted to cry throughout class but I didn't. I would have looked like a crybaby if I did. But when I got home tired from my day I let loose and just cried my eyes out because no one likes me, no gives a damn about me. I just don't get it. People rather make fun of me than actually treat me with respect like an actual human being that that has feelings. I just don't know what I am doing wrong. I hate myself so much that I could die.
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You're good person and I would like to be your friend

Can I be u freind

I don't mind being friends. Thank u. ^^

:( :( it not letting me add u

I will try.


I added u. It should work now ^^

Yea I got it I sent message u

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Awww I'm sorry :( don't let them get to you they aren't worth it, they sound like @ssholes!

I'll try. :-/

Wow that's so mean and stupid... You can message me if you like. I'm 20

Thank you. You are very kind.