Anyone Want to Be My Friend?

I don't know how to meet friends.  All of the friends I do have were made in High School.  All of them have gone off to do there own thing as have I and almost feel that I have nothing in common with them anymore and the fact that they are hundreds of miles away doesn't help.  I want to make new friends anywhere at this point just someone I can talk to.  If you need a friend or can help me figure out how I can meet some I would really appreciate some assistance.

Jasmin Jasmin
22-25, F
7 Responses Oct 17, 2007

Am also alone. Would be greatful to have a fryend, but 'know 'tys not as easy as't seems for most..

I'd love to be your friend :)

Come on <br />
Sunshine~ U are U .

To make friends look at and comment on stories and blogs of those who hold similar ideas to yours....... add them to your circle... most will accept you in kind and then it's all about keeping up with those friends and making them feel they are special to you....<br />
I have friends in my circle that don't stay in contact so I wonder if they really would rather not be in my circle.<br />
I am busier now than I was back then because of the nature of my job......... I guess they don't understand why I am not on as much as I once was.

I am new to the EP mail me and lets start talking. I will be your friend.<br />
<br />
You haven't been seen since b4 thanksgiving, hope all is well with you.

I have no ideea on how to make new friends but I would be a great one and definetly would love one :) I am in the same situation as you and this christmas was devasting (Christmas alone sucks !!!).<br />
<br />
So I want to be your friend ! :)

I'll be your friend and all it will cost you is some happy thoughts....<br />
<br />
and maybe dinner. Im hungry

where do you live ? Near London ? Or ......