I Am Bored!

Well I have a great group of friends who I am very glad to be a part of.  But I am bored of the same people and same places, the same conversations and the same activities.

I want to meet new people, I want more excitement and diversity in my life. 

I don't feel that close to my friends, like I have people to go out with and hang around with but I don't feel like I really click with anyone at the moment.

Uni was great in terms of the social life, I was meeting new people all the time and I had friends who i was really close to.  Now everything just feels a bit stagnant.

So my latest idea is to join a hiking group, they go on walks and they have socials and its for people in their 20s and 30s.  I like hiking and would really like to get out and about and meet people at the same time.

I really enjoy my yoga class but its not really that social!  I guess I will just going!


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4 Responses Feb 21, 2010

I know the sort of people you are describing. Its all about getting the right balance really!

Thanks Puzzle guy. I think we all doing a lot of growing when we get into your 20s and sometimes we drift apart from friends for whatever reason. I do know that friendships are something you have to work on and that that sense of connection may not be there, but they can still be a good friend.<br />
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Do you something said to me today that only way to learn about yourself is through others. That kind of got me thinking because I have never really thought of it that way.<br />
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I envy your comfort with aloneness. I can relate to what you and do like my own company, there are times when I just want to walk alone and listen to music and having someone else come along feels like a hindrance. But I don't think I could feel complete if I were totally alone, I need both extremes of people and aloneness. I have come to the conclusion that I will not find what i am looking for from external factors, so meeting new people may not satisfy me because it may be that I need to look inwward.

Sometimes I feel lonely but really I am a self sufficient sort of person who enjoys my own company. I wouldn't say that loneliness is a major problem for me, there are usually people around when I need there to be. I just to have some friends that I feel like I have more in common with!

it is easy to look outgoing and fun, but if you have no one to confide in it is the equivalent of loneliness.