i'm 18 and a lezbian i want to be loved by anyone i'm alone will anyone love me the way i want to be loved?

-lonley lezbian
i2kissed1nick i2kissed1nick
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5 Responses May 13, 2012

hey nice to meet you

Il love u :) kik me evrytime u feel low huni :) its Sh4bz x

I feel the same way but sorry im only 14. i hope u find your true love. :)

am 13 c;

Sweetheart your so young to sound so very sad. I'll tell you a secret that you don't learn until your a little older. It's hard to find someone who can love you the way you the way you want until your comfortable being alone. Great things often happen when your not looking! Good luck and keep your eyes open for the next surprise.

if you can learn to trust me and i learn to trust you..I will love you unconditionally