Last Time I Did Was a Long Time Ago

It first happened back in 1969.  I met Brad when I was riding my bicycle down the street to announce that my cat just had kittens.  We became friends, and one day, while sitting in the closet with my cat & kittens, he turned and kissed me on the cheek.  I replied "A handshake would do." and he laughed.  In the days that followed, he continued to kiss me and I liked it!  The first time he kissed me on the lips was a bit of a shock for me, but I found myself enjoying it.  We had the best times during sleepovers, getting in bed together, naked, just kissing and touching.  Even though we were both too young for sex, we still got erections and enjoyed touching each other.  Two years later, in 1971, my family moved across town and I hardly saw Brad again.  There was one occasion when he was visiting me, we were in my bedroom.  We almost had the chance to have some fun, but his mother showed up to take him home and I never got the chance again.  We probably would've taken it to the next level and become lovers.  But alas, it never happened, and to this day, I wondere what would've happened if we did.  By the way, today just happens to be his birthday (Feb 19th).  I might just drive to his mother's house and see if we can get together.  No idea whether anything's going to happen - sexually- but it would be nice to see him again after all these years.  Since that time, I have never made out with any of my male friends, but because of that wonderful time with Brad, I can't help but fantasize about it.  And if I did, he'd have to be really cute.

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I grew up in Newtonville and West Newton. I didn't start wetting my jeans a lot until I moved out of my parents' house to go to college and grad school, in NY state and Virginia. Now I wear levis just 1" larger than high school, 33" and the same inseam 34". For someone in his early 50s, I pass for early 40s. And I pee in my jeans almost every day. Enjoy the skinny ones, 510s and 511s.<br />
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Here it is November and I still haven't hooked up with Brad. I should get some of the old pictures of us together and take them to his mother to give him.<br />
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I'll let you know what happens.

So did you go find him or not? Loved the story! If you were MY friend, I certainly wouldn't let things stop with just a kiss! Man, you've got me hard just fantasizing about having another guy friend that would like to make out!

Yeah, I really hate when that happens, don't you?

Read my bi experience in my stories.I still enjoy some occational experience by this.