Naked In Public

Public nakedness should be legal.  This is the year 2009 and you see more skin on TV then ever before.  Our European sister countrys do shower and bath comericals on TV completely naked and show it.  I wish I could walk into Wal Mart on a hot summer day completely naked and not worry about it.  We are always naked at home and it is such a waste of time to put on clothes to run up to get a pack of smokes or some beer from the corner store.

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I have always believed that you should be able to go out into town naked if you wanted to. There is so much emphisis put on your "naughty bits", which are certainly NOT naughty. Everyone has them and there are only 2 types. If you want to wear clothes , fine. If you want to go around naked even better. I agree with you. Make nudity legal.

I am SO envious of you! If I didn't need to wear clothes, I would never put any on. Unfortunately..... 1) nudity in public is not legal (how I wish it were), and 2) it gets mighty chilly up here in New York.

Admire your attitude and lifestyle n & b.

I agree girls can go naked with fewer eyebrows raised or cops called, but men do have the advantage of being able to go topless whenever they want. What is it about the male nipple and breast that makes it OK, but it's wrong for the female? It makes no sense, men don't have to/can't nurse children, women do!

This is true. girls have always been able to wear far less in public.

Women hold the advantages in these situations. Unfortunately men have earned themselves a rather disreputable designation and seeing a nude male only conjures those most unholistic impressions!

OK gang, how does one approach the local 7-11 night clerk and say "Hey, do you mind if I shop here while nude?" Maybe it helps that you are both pretty women.

Hahahaha,<br />
There is one here too I like to run down too just before closing. Since it is so far out in the country there is no one around at closing time and I can drive down there and wak in buck naked. It is sooooooooooooooooo cool !!!!<br />
I think he wants to bang me on the counter : )

Being from Texas myself, I know just what you mean. There's an all-night store only a few miles from my house. and if a certain clerk is working there, she doesn't mind at all if I come in naked for whatever I need.

I agree that it would be very nice in the tropical climate where I live, to be able to go "naked and unashamed" in public. Well... one might have to wear insect repellant against fatal mosquito bites - they carry diseases that can kill; the sandflies / gnats are a bit of a pain too. But I suppose one could put on some essential oils that would do the same job, less unpleasantly.<br />
<br />
However, it won't be allowed here for a while - at the moment there's outcry about child molestations, so that would squash that for a while. But one day, perhaps...

I fully agree!

Nakedand barefoot I want to join your campain.I also want to go to D'agda as said by nudie beachboy.

You need to go to Cape D'Agde in France. It's also known as "Naked City". There's a whole town, accommodation, clubs, and beach area where you never need to put on clothing. The clubs and beach are so hot they are smoking. Swinging, hedonism and public sex are rampant. If you don't get ****** 10 times a day by strangers, you're not trying. In the clubs, there are people getting sucked off on the dance floors, amongst the dancers. On the beach, if you start playing around, you will be joined by dozens of people within minutes. The place is mind-boggling to anyone who has had to put up with narrow-minded restrictiveness.