A Real Friend

Ive always been kind of a "loner", I mean I had friends and hung out with them but I never really felt there was someone I could trust. I had one I considered my bestest friend, a sister, someone I told EVERYTHING even my deepest most embarrasing secrets. After a year and a half she screwed me over. Told everyone everything. I was soo humiliated, many people stopped talking to me in school. It was awful. Since then Ive never really trusted anyone. Even my own family would screw me over. but deep down I do want a friend , a beat friend I can talk to and know I can trust. I kinda envy those girls who are still close even after highschool. They still party and go out when one of them comes back to town from school vacation. One day I know I will have a friend like that.
TheShadow90 TheShadow90
18-21, F
May 23, 2012