I Am An Entertainer

I am an entertainer...pretty good at it too...I absolutely love being on stage with a giant wall of sound at my back, with the band I sing for. But above that, I am a songwriter.

I haven't always been a good song writer, but have always had moments of pure brilliance (according to others, not generally my feeling) that came through. Things over the last couple of years, have developed to the point where all but one or two of the songs I've written in that time...border on greatness. They border on greatness because I don't have the proper medium to actually get them out to the right people because of labels and publishing companies policies on not accepting unsolicited materiall. In the last month, I have written 14...all really good tunes...all different. I just want to write and have people hear my work...either by me, or anyone that can get it out there!
teleman teleman
36-40, M
Mar 4, 2010