A Work In Progress

Over the years, I have been writing and singing, and singing and writing, but not getting anything out of it really. I was happy with what I was writing, but there was not anything that jumped out from it as being special. I would spend anywhere from ten minutes to two weeks, planning and finding the right melody and lyrics for a new tune to just play it a few times, and set it aside, never to even glance at them again. Somewhere here in m house, there are scattered notebooks, full of all of that work that I put in for nothing...I'd estimate somewhere near six hundred pieces...give or take a couple.

Over the past eighteen months...I have taken the time to think out what I wanted to write...actually gone to places in my head and heart to try to feel what the song is about (btw...that can be a pretty scary adventure at times) and not just settled for a line of lyrics just because it fit. My work has really turned into something viable and something I feel really comfortable presenting. I have always been afraid of presenting my work in the past, outside of a few, because they just didn't feel right. I would not hesitate to send off any of my pieces (save two) that I've written in the past year and a half because I finally understand what I'm writing...because I did put myself in the possition to feel what I was writing. I hope to continue this trend because it feels more real to me now...and that's what music is supposed to be...real
teleman teleman
36-40, M
Mar 14, 2010