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Hello everyone,  I have had a difficult life sadly, but I have learned to except my short comings and my challenges that are thrown against me in this life.
I would like to make it clear that I don't expect people to feel sorry for me. It is what it is, I know that I have come down really hard on my mental health doctors, but I have to make  them understand that you cannot judge a book by its cover like the saying goes. They are not experienced in the field of neuroology. I recently did some reserch on my own about brain injury and found out that I have either minor brain injury or moderate brain injury because of so many tramas to myhead as a kid.  I suffer from brain injury  because of being pushed as a child at the end of a glass table and cracked open my forhead, I still have the scare and I am in my 40's. I was also pushed down seven flights of stairs on my bike by my brother that now has been gone since 1995. Anyways I try to live my life as best as I can.  I worry sooooo much about my kids as well they are now  growing up so fast and knowing that I won't be able to protect them from this world. I tell myself that they need room to grow and spead their wings, but they can come to me if ever they need to. I love my kids soooooooo much. I am soooo proud of my oldest son that is graduating high school and my daughter begining Jr. high school next year. I am also proud of my 14 year old that has autisim is progressing well.  So I guess I can honestly say that it is a positive thing that is going on in my life right now and I remind myself that. I apprciate that I have given a chance to work in a great hospital  like the one that I belong to. They have been sooooo good to me in many ways as far as care of me and my dad.  Mercy is a great hospital to work for and a privilege to be part of their team. Even if they don't have hours to give me right now it is the thought that they helped me out when I was only a volunteer and appriciated making me feel like a team member not just  a stranger just helping out.. I mean this from my heart, I would definatly encourge people to go to this hospital for their care. The staff their are attentive understanding, caring, professional. I know this from experience, I had my oldest son at mercy general and my 14 year old at methodist hospital in Sacramento, CA. I experienced high quality care from the nurses their when I had my babies one 18 years ago and the other 14 years ago. I will never forget my experience in those hospitals.
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