Stupid And Ignorant People

Hello everyone, I am here today because people in general are mean and nasty and I feel that they have to make everyone elses life a living hell for their amuzment. Frankly, I think they are pathetic and must "REALLY" be that miserable in their life. I am also disapointed in the schools that allow stranger's to come to a childs school and interact when they have no relation to that child. I feel that whom ever is doing this is low scum! I am surprised that the schools even allow people like that to even go there. I don't understand if a teacher see's or has a gut feeling and should call the parents and if the parents don't have knowledge of that person. The teacher's should report it to the police and advice the principal of the school. But I see that the teachers must be affraid the person. I had and have a gut feeling that something wasn't right with my kids. I also read that if a person is a abuser that he/she will find negetive things about whom ever and use it againt them for their own gain to hurt and to get back at them because they are upset at that person. It is just really sad to have to always watch my back because someone can come around the corner and creep up on me. I don't trust people anymore, so much dishonest people and liers. People think that I can not be alone, that is not true at all. I can be but I choose not to be alone. It has been boring at home and nothing to do. I would like to return to work and continue trying to reach my goal in life. I am not going to sit on my butt and just do nothing. Maybe other people like being home I DON'T! I like to work.
hellokitty1212 hellokitty1212
May 22, 2012