Please Leave Me Alone People !!!

The reason why I am here is because there are to many people that are ignorant and judge me. I trying to make it clear to "PEOPLE" that my life is not for their amuzment of abuse bottom line!
I am trying to let people know that what they are doing is being abusive mentaly and emotionaly and it is hurting me mentally. I am a single mom struggling while these people get a kick out of my life, This is my fianal word
" Leave Me Alone Everybody" and go harrass someone else !!! I would like to get on with other things in life because I am trying to get better mentally. At least I am being polite about this and not cursing at anyone.
hellokitty1212 hellokitty1212
1 Response May 22, 2012

I am so sorry to see you distressed,we are both going through a difficult time in our lives,I hope you find peace.<br />
All the very best to you.