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Dishes - The Key To Everyone's Heart!

I'm no longer able to help people to the degree I once used to (because of my health), but it doesn't stop me from wanting to make a positive difference in the world. I decided a simple thing I can and enjoy doing is dishes (on the days I feel well enough). No matter where I go, there are always dishes that need doing and, no matter who the person is, they are always grateful. Plus, it makes them more than willing to have me back over again another day...a bonus since I'm homeless.
shylamarais shylamarais 36-40, F 2 Responses Aug 22, 2012

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Where are your kids? Homeless???! Why girl? Please, trust is earned, I know, but I help those in need also. I like the doing dishes. My health is the same. I might start doing that. Good idea!

My kids are doing well (thanks for asking). Still living with my aunt and uncle. I see them regularly, cook them meals, and keep up on their lives. My sister has been helping me (even though I hate asking) and other family/friends who I stay with. I can't live with any of them (for various reasons, mostly me) so I just live a transient life (keeping my clothes in the car and never planning where i'll be staying much more than a day in advance). It sucks in some ways (I go w/o comforts a LOT) but it's been a blessing in other ways (like no more house payment!!!) and I get to spend quality time with the people I love. I miss my independence (that's for damn sure) but I won't sit and wallow in misery and self-pity. I will find the silver lining...always!

I have absolutely no doubt about that girl. I wish we'd met another time and place. But everything happens for a reason. You're a better person because of the trials you've endured. I can say with honesty that you will always have a kindred spirit and friend in me. Xoxo

thanks for your kind words of support and friendship. i feel a little lost at the moment but am ever-so-gradually finding my way. EP is helping me deal with some of the emotional stuff...since I don't really like talking to people too much. It has also given me the opportunity to meet some super neat people-like yourself. I appreciate your taking the time to read my stuff and get to know me. it seems that with each piece I write, I feel a bit stronger inside.

A man once told me, "You can build a house, even if you only drive one nail a day. It'll eventually get finished." Patience and endurance, m'lady. You have the inner strength for both. Besides, what kind of adventure is "easy"? ;-)

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this is a truly wonderful story, I have many things in my body also that keeps me from working and making my way in life, not homeless yet because of my sweet loving aunt. But I go to different ones houses from time to time, and dishes are all over the house witch to me is just plain nasty, i can't sit in the filth so i take my walker in the kitchen sit on it and wash those dishes... lol great minds think a like they say.<br />
i never have dirty dishes, but you would be welcome at my house anyway..

Thanks momma. I've always found dishes relaxing but I like to cook too. Maybe we can make a meal together!