If Only We All Made The World A Little More Beautiful.

I believe that I can make the world more beautiful. Maybe it's only in the little things, like being nicer than I sometimes want to be, or painting a picture or writing a poem or listening quietly to someone who needs to talk.. but I believe the world can be more beautiful. I am going to do that and if the world is more beautiful for a handful of people because of something I've done, then I will be happy :)


Thanks and hope you decide you want to make the world beautiful too!

ripplingwater ripplingwater
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5 Responses Feb 7, 2010

This is a great way to live your life and a truly awesome goal! You have already made my world more beautiful, just by posting this! =)

thanks naphtal :)

Mmm...I agree with you Rippling.. especially the choice to listen quietly to someone who needs to talk..many are mising just that...go straight ahead and do it..

thanks :) fungirl

You have great aspirations. Good luck in your endeavor.