hello everybody......i want to make true friends, on here.    I get lonely and very depressed.  Im married with a daughter, but sometimes find it hard to accept......thats my lot in life.

bearwallow bearwallow
1 Response Feb 8, 2010

Right u still married and has daugther...Why are u still lonely?? U have husband..Ready there your husband..U not lonely.I don't understand..Something wrong by yourself lonely?? Wonder is your husband is in soldier has go down to iran that why u been lonely? Can u tell me explain make clear,I will understand what mean u say.. U want try find good true friends keep company..U know not easy u want true friends not safe..U know mean i say..Many happen people who has been true friends then wrong time big mistake why they play game behind like two face one front true show back inside has lie mask trick to them.Mean who they are not show honestly want play game make destory big person feel HURT enough..U must very careful think twice..Not kind true friends..Just u feel want be love talk company or chat room talk to u and other people too...That it easy for u..Yes my been experience learn lesson won't happen..I must really be careful watch out people are doing...

I cant say I understand how you feel because everyone's feels differently and I am not in your situation, but to go on the attack is unkind to this person you replied too. People are hear to try and make friends and yes a lot are lonely, it is possible to be in a relationship and feel terribly lonely, frightened, isolated and afraid for their life, I know what that feels like so I feel I am qualified to comment. We are all hear well most of us, to try and make friends offer give guidence if asked, encouragement if needed.