Some Acronyms I M U*

*IMU = I Made Up


L A L B = Laughing A Little Bit (For When LMAO is a bit too much)

M H I = My Head Itches (Thinking hard about something)

I M M = In My Mind (akin to IMHO)

K T A S = Keep This A Secret (obvious meaning)


H A C U = Having A Crack Up (laughing too hard to breath)

W T E  = Way Too Expensive (obvious) or W T E F M = W T E For Me (to personalize it)


Okay, M B I B, or "My Brain Is Broken", meaning, I've thought too hard about this and I am going to stop for a while..



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4 Responses Mar 5, 2010

ATPUTP!<br />
<br />
*After They Picked Up The Pieces!

*NobodySpecial may have to be hospitalized after making up that acronym!*

LAFGMMMLOL (Laughing about fungirlmmm's LOL)