Made Her Pee Her Pants

During our younger days my wife and myself would frequent the Bars quite a bit. My wife couldn't drink much before she would get drunk or have to pee a lot. When we would go out she always wore some kind of short dress or skirt. We were dancing quite a bit and she kept telling me she had to pee very badly. I would delay this by asking her to dance again or just talk to her and some friends. I could see that she was having a very difficult time holding her pee. She started to take off and I followed her right on her heels. As she got to the door I grabbed her and kissed her. She was squealing for me to let her go. So I grabbed her sides and started tickling her. It was like opening the flood gates. She started peeing so hard! All I could do was laugh as did the others that saw her. My wife was a good sport and to tipsy to really care. She went on into the restroom to clean up and returned shortly. When she set down I saw her remedy for the situation. She had removed her panties. She kept teasing me by opening her legs and giving me a little look! About a half hour later she said she was ready to leave. When we got out to the truck she grabbed me and gave me a kiss.  Then the sneaky ***** pulled up her skirt on pissed down my leg. Actually if felt very good and we got in the truck for a little action. Ah, the good old days! Enjoy them while you can!.

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2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

That's so hot! I really want to do this to a girl

What a good girl! I'm soooo glad here are lots of em around! ;-p