I Wanna Make You Hurt...

But lucky for you I'm not like that or am I? There are so many things I still have to say to you but I never will. You ripped my heart out and kept it. Threw it against the wall. You let it slam to the floor. You stepped on it. You picked it up again, cared for it for a bit. Then threw it under a ******* semi. Then you decided to show up months later and care for my heart again! Well this time you finally ******* crushed it so bad it disappeared into thin air. I have no heart left because of you. Thanks.... All I have to say is sweetheart I hope you know Karma's a real *****! I'm not saying that life will get back at you some how because I can't trust that. I'm saying Karma's a ***** because I am Karma for you now sweetie! You've hurt the wrong person to many times! Oh and last but not least **** YOU! :)
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1 Response Jun 2, 2011

I'm in the same boat. I hope life and karma both kick them swift and hard in the *** :)