My Man Of God Story

A few years ago, I thought I was asking too much to marry a Christian man. Something about it seemed out of reach and that I couldn't handle something so wonderful. I had just stopped dating a Christian guy and instead of melting away from my desire, I actually increased the truth of my prayer. I remember sitting heart-centered and quiet before God one day asking him for a man of God. It was as if asking for someone "Christian" didn't quite meet the truth of what my heart was really asking for. Six weeks later, I met a guy at a party who was an ordained pastor. Wow! Didn't know a man of God would necessarily mean a pastor. While that didn't work out and I have sense dated another pastor, I still feel more resonant praying to marry a man of God than anything else. I don't know if that means a pastor or not, but I know my heart craves being led by a man who loves, knows, follows, and submits to the Lord. It is the sexiest thing I can imagine and my heart is contented by faith to pray that way and to let the Lord fill in the blanks. Blessings to all who have the courage to come before God with an honest and humble heart. May you be blessed and may your prayers and deepest dreams come true! And may God by praised for His care in answering prayer!
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Jan 18, 2013