Slave Ex Husband

i was a slave husband,my wife made that clear and laid down the law immediatly,she was so happy for years,all women should have one,my whole life was making her happy and i still do even though we divorced,after our vanilla wedding she had me drive to our new house and brought me in side to show me all the painting i had to do and what will happen if it aint finished when she returns,i said where are you going?on my honeymoon and shook the two tickets in my face and drove off,i worked day and night for 3 days and got it done,when she returned she slapped my face for dripping paint,she made me lick the paint drop for two hours while she unpacked,i dont know who she brought to mexico with her and dare not asked,i am a true slave and would jump to my death if she told me,i am the slave husband you women need to find if your serious,she lived like a queen and had dozens of men and banked all my earnings for years,she is very wealthy now,sold our house and cars and moved in with her boyfriend,i left with a pair of soiled panties and a note with an address to send alimony and the house i will be cleaning weekly while her boyfriends at work,ive been cleaning her place for 3 years now and never missed a day,i also do her boyfriends laundry and uniforms and she gets all the credit,i am her slave for life and will serve her always
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so you wann abe her slave and you enjoy

I used to enjoy it more but now she is so mean,she is a lot stronger than me and works me so hard with no mercy,she scares the he'll out of me,she hadmeshoveling snow for two hours while her and boyfriend watched movies and drank hot coco,she wouldn't let me in,told me to get lost when I was done,I was so cold I was shaking

divorce and change your lifeplace go in other countries find kindly older ladies like we are and live with her or Tv/TG you are t young to live with her and be her slave .be slave with lovely mature Tg and live with her do that kissses

Did she divorce you?

what do you get in return?

i get to see her,she lets me keep 25 percent of my earnings,sometimes she gives me some leftovers that i desperatly need and her boyfriends old clothes and shoes when he dont want them,im gald she is being generous,i am so broke,i also get to do her laundry so i sniff it and even stole a pair of her gym socks to sleep with,i love her to death and hope someday she will take me back