I'm Pregnant

I've been dating my boyfriend Milo for almost a year and a half. We met at the art gallery I work at, when he wandered in during an art festival. We made conversation, he flirted with me, and took one of my cards. He called me a few days later and asked me if I would like to go to dinner with him. I hadn't dated anyone since college, so I initially wanted to say no, but when he suggested a vegetarian restaurant, I decided to give him a shot (it's hard to find fellow vegetarians in the Deep South!). At dinner I found out that we had a lot in common. And not only that, but he was funny, charming, intelligent, and we shared many of the same values. Almost a year and a half later, and I totally love him. It's so strange because I've never been in love, but I thought I had once before. But now that I have been in love, it's like the cave, and you look back and laugh at how naive you were.

Last week I found out I'm pregnant. After the initial terror and shock, I'm adjusting to the idea of having a child. So far only my sister knows. I'm worried (and reasonably so!) about how he'll handle it, or even how I'll handle it. I'm still thinking very deeply about it. But I think Milo and I can do this. We've talked about marriage as a hypothetical- saying things like "when we're married..." I want to be with him til death do us part, and I think he does too. I hope he does.
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Is that your baby? SO CUTE! What happened with your boyfriend?

We are engaged :)