...lets Wait He Says

hello there. i have been in a relationship with my man for about a year and a half now.. hes deploying for afgan aug. first:( and honestly its killing me...
i reall wanna marry him and he knows it and we have had that talk about marriage many times and he keeps telling me babe i wanna wait till i get home in a year from afgan but this is also what he told me when e left for basic... i kno he loves me.. hes told me hes scared of changing over in afgan, and hes scared he will get some kind of "dear john" letter from me saying i dont want it.. but ive told him a trillion times i so unbelievably do. ... ugh i really want him just to pop the question you kno.. any one else been where im at?

soldiersgirl33 soldiersgirl33
18-21, F
Jul 2, 2010