Lets Wait He Says..

me and my solider have been together for a year and half. we are in love.. he is deploying for a year in afgan... in august.. i really want to marry him i want him to ask me the ? so so bad.. we have had the talk many times over about it he befor he went to boot camp during and after.. and now that hes deploying hes saying babe lets wait till i come home in a year.. i dunno if im gunna change or what if  you cant handle it pshh i kno i can im strong.. ugh but hes afraid hes told me that i am going to leave himor send him a "dear john" letter telling him i dont wanna be apart of the life style hes chose for him self.. ughhh. i just want him to pop the sang question.. has any one been where i am at?? any advice?
soldiersgirl33 soldiersgirl33
18-21, F
Jul 2, 2010