I'm Engaged!!

AHHH! I'm officially engaged, and I'm so excited!

For those of you who have read my other stories: I told my mom today and she didn't act like I expected her to. There were no awkward speeches, and she's actually happy for my soldier and I! What a relief, lol.
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i'm 21. my opinion is if you have doubt on getting married then don't because you're probably not ready. But if you know for sure you want to do it, then who cares how old you are (assuming you're not a minor). Idk if you read one of my other stories, but the one of the reasons my guy and I are getting married so soon is because he's in the army right now, and when i graduate this spring I'll be in the air force, so we are going to get stationed in different places. We are getting married so soon in hopes of qualifying for some of the family plans that are out there and in hopes of getting stationed in at least the same state. We'd be getting married regardless of the situation, just probably not as soon as we are. So I recommend giving yourself enough time to enjoy your engagement if you do decide to get married.<br />
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Hope this helps

how exciting! how old are you? i want to get married to my boyfriend because we know we're meant to be, but i don't know if we're too young

Congratulations, you lucky girl!!!!!!!!! :-)

You are soooo lucky! My soldier just got home two nights ago and I am trying to be patient about my proposal but i'm getting very ANXIOUS to say the least! lol I hope my mom is excited for me when it happens! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!