Ready For The Next Step When He Gets Home

So my boyfriend is currently serving in Afghanistan, and while it's been difficult our relationship has really grown during this time. We had been dating for two and a half years before he left, and by the time he gets back we'll be on three and change. And I'm ready for the next step for both of us. We've been talking about getting engaged and I REALLY really want to. But I also want him to make some decisions about the army (namely getting out once his contract is up) first. he's already committed for another 5 years... And at that point I'd like to settle into civilian life and have kids, without the threat of deployment or the need to move every few years. Is it bad to want to talk about all this now? I feel like I should wait until he gets back from deployment... But I'm ready to start dreaming about the future... Idk.. Your thoughts?
tjschira tjschira
Dec 9, 2012