April? May? June? Just Bring Him Home

Daniels been over in afghanistan since november 23rd, 2 months, and he says he loves being over there and knowing hes making a difference which is incredible, id rather have him love being there then hate it, hopefully coming home will be easier for him with being in this mentality, it seems like hes been gone longer and june 6th will never come, but now they tell him they dont know when they will return because te unit replacing them maybe ready sooner then june, maybe april at an extreme but he could also have to stay longer, i just hope they get it figured out, i have to book my flight to Carson and everything soon, and let alone get in contact with the little family that is involved in his life, thats a whole other issue

armympgirlfriend armympgirlfriend
18-21, F
Feb 2, 2010