My boyfriend, Damion, and I have been thinking about getting married. We aren't engaged or anything. We're both eighteen, not even out of high school yet, but he wants to get married before he gets deployed to Afghanistan. I would like to as well, but I'm nervous. Don't get me wrong, but what if he feels differently when he gets back? What if something happens while he's gone? (to his family, to me, to him..) We only have until October to decide what we're going to do, then he's gone. What should we do?

-Shayna Renee

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two words... Promise Ring. It is a good idea to wait... take it from someone who was married at 19 then after the first deployment realized, no, our changes were too much for the both of us. If you feel that strongly, make the promise to each other that you will stay together relationship wise while he is gone, and then see where you are when he gets back. If you still want to get married then (agreeing with after school and such), then let it go at the pace that it needs to. You can be together in your hearts, the paper and ceremony can wait. The only reason I agree on the wait due to age is that this time in your life you're in school, getting ready for further schooling or a career, you, yourself have changes that you will be going through as well as him. Hopefully you change together and in a similar direction... Promise is good, it's still a commitment :) I hope this helps.

I understand what you're going through, its a very difficult decision to make. Just take your time on making it, the last thing you want to do is rush into something like that. I don't believe it matters how old you are, i just think its something you should really consider. because it can either go over great or well you know.. stay positive it'll all work out for the best ; )

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So, I think since you are both really young, you should wait. Like you said, a lot could happen in the time that he is gone. Good or bad. I would see how the deployment goes. See if your feelings grow stronger or see if you drift apart. You dont want to rush into it just because it seems like a good idea. Yea, Im sure you love, if it is true love, you can wait a little longer. Get school out of the way. If you want to go to college or take some classes while he's away, do that.<br />
Think of this deployment as a test of your love for each other. <br />
Hope this helps :)