Astral Projection Is So Fascinating!

I've heard about Lucid dreaming before, but three days ago I was for some reason in a really spiritual mood. And i really got interested in having an out of body experience or some sort of spiritual journey. I did some research and came across Astral Projection, and i was immediately intrigued! The first day i tried it i made some progress, i made sure to keep all the lights off in my room, and i played an hour long recording of Theta binaural beats on a loop on my ipod on my headphones, and i put a towel over my eyes so light from my window would not distract me. I was able to relax all of my muscles and i entered a really relaxed state of mind, and i tried to keep only one thing on my mind, sitting up. I tried imagine myself sitting up and at one point i felt very weird vibrations across my whole body and it kind of freaked me out. I did some more research and found some in depth steps on how to relax myself and the steps of concentrating, and i read that their was a vibrational state which is one of the key factors of being able to Project out of your physical body. It read that the vibrations is your astral body trying to leave your physical one.
The next day i tried again and i was able to reach the vibrational state many times, but i would always get too excited or get the urge to swallow. I would inhale from my nose and exhale from my mouth and sometimes it would make my mouth dry. But i would ignore that dryness, but at the vibrational state that dryness would always intensify and it would distract me and i would swallow to fix it. But shortly after the vibrations stopped, and i could tell that my mind had lost focus.
I tried again today which not much more success than form yesterday, but i kept getting interrupted by sounds in the home, or my parents calling me to do things for them, or someone knocking on my door. I am going to try again tonight, but i do not expect to master this within 3 days. I will be patient about it, but i will try at least once everyday.
Please for those of you who ever have Astral Projected please could you give me a couple of pointers?
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New plan.1 hr.-theta bineural beats
1/2 hr.-Guided astral meditation.
thanks for idea

post a link to your theta binaural I wouldn't mind checking it out

Do u still need pointer? Coz I have a few for you :)

Hi , you had the vibration state several times ! that is really great , I had it ones but I felt too excited like you and it stopped , but these days i'm training on things that could help me do a better projection , so am not trying to astral project but to improve my skills so it would help me . For you dry throat I think a little honey would make it better until you get used to it , but do you do protection and other chakra cleaning ? I would love to hear about your experience !