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Hi, I've got another experience, this time I posted some illustrations I drew just to show the story :).. sorry for the drawing. rush one. :)

I attempted to have an OBE again. It’s 10 pm when I laid on bed, this is not my normal sleeping time because I normally sleep around 1 to 3 am. On my first-try meditation, I slept at my back, I was unsuccessful due to mosquito noises so I made a second try, this time I slept at my right side. I felt comfortable and in few minutes I was in the stage of sleep paralysis already, I thought of waking up to test if I am paralyzed already but I decided to not wake up, since I know the feeling of being paralyzed and I am sure I was paralyzed already. I just don’t want to waste the moment to project. So, I ready myself for projection. I heard a deafening buzz. And as I said before I slept at my right side, I felt my second body rolled over, but it can’t lie at its back. So I tried to repeat rolling over for 3 times, and on my last try, the buzz became louder in my left ear, That buzz made me follow it that I began to separate fully from my physical body, floating,I noticed that my astral vision is vivid when I’m in bright areas and dimmer when Im in dark ones.

The door of my room was on my left side, when I was exiting the door I asked for myself to be dropped down and walk with my astral feet, so it happened in an instant, some of my room details were gone, paintings and calendars. So I walk through the door and entered the dining area, I felt happy coz it’s really my house, and I said to myself, here I go again, I’m projecting, I’m gonna share this experience. To start my adventure I thought of peeking to my mom’s room, so I pointed my eyes to mom’s room’s door, it’s open and I can see nothing but darkness, I got scared so I just thought of going out instead, I’m going to exit at our back door.

When I was already at the elevated portion of the floor (separating the dining area from kitchen), I saw a blue pail. It’s our pail in reality. It’s half-filled with water when I looked at it. I wonder what the pail was doing at that part of the house. Because I can’t think of any reason I just proceeded of going out, when I opened the door I saw a girl in front of me, so I got shocked but she’s just a normal girl, not scary, the same height as me, but I can only see her half body and face, and she handed me a folded paper, I accepted it and when she turned around she became an old woman so I thought of sending her back the paper but she’s disappearing, I thought of something bad and I ran back to my body and then I woke up.

here it is, another experience of mine, thanks for reading fellas. :)
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2 Responses Jan 5, 2013

Thankyou, for your story..the lady had passed on?

Why didn't you read the paper? Now im curious what's on it.

i dont know i just got scared, and felt a bad energy so I just run and came back to my room.

I know, i was joking. I don't question your descision. you should try making a sword out of your energy though, might help your fear.