Was It Real , Or Was I Dreaming?

In 1992 I was in a kneeling position talking to my cousin at my sisters house.I remember feeling very relaxed and closed my eyes. Next thing I know I see the planet mercury, then mars from space, I then see earth and realize that I am a part of everything everywhere. Every question I've ever had regarding how the universe was made, where we come from before we are born, what happens to us after we die, it all was revealed to me, and it was easy!!! It was so easy that we would never think of it. Then I felt like (the only way to describe it) I almost touched god. I was so scared and disturbed that I came out of whatever state I was in and scrambled on all fours across the floor, telling my cousin that I knew what death was and how the universe worked. After about thirty minutes I finally calmed down and stopped shaking. but was still scared. I felt like I was in that state for like ten minutes but my cousin said I had only closed my eyes for a few seconds.Furthermore all the knowledge that was revealed to me was immediately forgotten. All I remember is what I just revealed except i am sure anyone can do it, we are all connected, and that a person has to be in some sort of meditative or dream state to handle it. A person would go nuts if all was revealed to them in this consciousness.Well that is my story and I hope I am not crazy and someone out there can relate. Thanks
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Jan 10, 2013