I Have Sleep Paralysis, I Think Astral Projection Will Make Me Feel Better About It

I have had many bad SP experiences, including both types(when falling asleep, and coming out of sleep). Almost all of them have come after a nightmare and have been horrifying.I have only ever had one good experience, which was involuntary and it felt like my lower body was starting to float.

Now that I look back, I think that I was starting to astral project because I was shaking a lot and I kinda "felt" my legs on my bed, but then I also really felt like I was slowly lifting my legs upward from my body. It was very slow and a bit of a struggle, like trying to run through ocean waves. I also "saw" my legs moving, but I don't know why because my eyes weren't open. I was very new to sleep paralysis back then, so I got scared that something bad would happen and woke myself up.

That experience was completely involuntary, just like my scary sleep paralysis experiences...but since then, every time I get that shaky/vibrating feeling, it always leads to scary sleep paralysis episode and I get so afraid that I wake myself. Does anyone know how I can get back to that one good experience? do you think it has to be involuntary too, or maybe i have to go through a scary SP episode first and then it will happen? Any advice will make me happy! thanks for reading :D
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