I had a minor OBE today! I was taking a nap. I was in this weird state of consciousness, not really awake but not asleep either. I was in kind of a dark place at first, and I could feel myself sinking down, down into my bed. When I realized this I changed my mindset and began to float up! I kept my eyes closed the whole time but I could still see? And I just played around with it a while, sinking and rising, until I fell into a dream.
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When in OBE do you see yourself and entire place where you are in realistic???? Come one please teach us the formula!!!!!! Pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!

I have nooo idea how I do it. It just happens spontaneously from time to time. Most of the time I'm not even aware it's an OBE until I snap back into my body at the end. It's so weird. It's dream-like but at the same time it's completely different from being asleep. I've been to some weird places astral projecting before, and usually my guides send me back because I end up getting confused/scared.

Ok first we need to contact with spirit guides right? That too is very difficult for me!!! I will still try. But what about GOD?

What about him? I'm confused haha. My guardian angel introduced me to my first guide. (You actually have many different guides for different areas of your life. For example the first guide I met was my moral guide. Later on I would meet the guide who would help me organize my life and set goals, and then even later I would meet my spiritual guide who would help me progress further in that area)

Congrats! Any tips?

Sorry, no. I have no idea what caused it. I do know that nearly every time I've had an OBE it's been during a nap and not when I was sleeping at a regular time. So maybe that has something to do with it?