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 i need to do this because i feel like im falling apart  inside 99% of the time and i dont know what to do about it and i know w God can help me .. more than anything . I just get so down but i am manic depressive . so its to be expected . I need to step  up in my faith because its been halted so much  with all the depressive episodes ive had lately .
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meditation can help you if you need to relax and calm your self down. I try to meditate in the evening before i go to bed, as well in the morning. I only do this for 5 mins just control breathing. If anything gets out of hand, lets say at work, I go to the restrooms and in a stall by myself and do control breathing and let go of everything and let the golden light bath me or pink (depends what I need from within) and have positive thoughts. So when I am finished I just continue on with my day.